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  • Date (Thursday Mar 26 or Friday Mar 27)
  • Curriculum (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Earth & Space, Environmental)
  • Language (French, English)
  • Strands (these are the focus of STAO2020)
  • Format (Workshop, Playground, Showcase) -See more information below
    • Workshops - A one hour session that provides participants with the opportunity to explore a specific topic through discussion, interactive and hands-on experiences.
    • STAOPlayground - The STAOPlayground lets you play, explore and connect hands-on, authentic activities for your students! The STAOPlayground is a great opportunity for you to share your successes, challenges and student impact by facilitating hands-on learning with STAO participants. We would love to hear from educators who might spark ideas on how to elevate student voice in science classrooms across the province. The STAO Elementary and Secondary Curriculum Committees are organizing a fantastic array of hands-on activities and thought-provoking inquiry-based experiences.
    • STAO Sharing Showcase - At the Showcase, teachers will share in a marketplace-style setting. The format is less formal and more interactive, allowing for one-on-one interactions. What will be shared will provide participants a quick glimpse into an idea they might implement in their own class. “Ideas” will include displays, samples of student work, hands-on samples and interactive technology.

How To Build Your Custom Schedule
  • To add a session to your custom conference schedule, click on the White Circle at the left side of a session.   A check mark appear as confirmation that this session has been added to your custom conference schedule.
  • To remove a session from your custom conference schedule, click on the Check Mark on the left side of a session.   The check mark will disappear to confirm that the session has been removed from your custom conference schedule.

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